About Us

General Information

LotusToday was founded first and foremost to help people. LotusToday uses a variety of methods to help people make changes in their lives and achieve happiness.

What We Stand For

Our Values

Coach For Life

A fully trained coach will be there whenever you need them. They will always be there with their friendly guidance to ensure that you feel comfortable moving forward.


Being able to communicate effectively with your coach is vital. That is why our coaches are fluent in both English and Tamil. We are rapidly expanding the amount of languages our coaches know.

Out Of Hours

Sometimes there are issues that are too pressing for you to wait for another meeting. This is why our coaches are available out of hours to help you with the difficult times.

Dynamic Approach

At LotusToday we strongly believe in flexibility. We will constantly improve our coaching methods to adapt them to the changes that the previous sessions have made.

Fast Booking

You can book your first appointment with your chosen coach in as quickly as 1 week. This means that you can take those critical first steps as soon as possible.

Free inital meeting

We strongly believe that everyone needs to be heard. That is why we offer a free initial session, so we can see if we are a great fit and can help reach your maximum potential.



Enjoy Life

of people reported quality of life improvement after taking coaching classes


Achieve More

reported increased productivity after undergoing business coaching lessons.


Get Along

of people reported improvement in their relationship after taking coaching sessions.


Balanced Life

of people reported a more satisfactory work life balance after the coaching lessons.


Lotus today was founded to guide people to achieve their goals and life. Lotus first and foremost cares about the improvement of lives of others.

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